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Everyone's Loving Their Bare Steppers

Thousands of Australians have joined the barefoot revolution, and they’re never going back. If you haven’t join them, yet you’re missing out. Experience out-of-this-world comfort with next-level freedom!

Let our customers speak for us

There’s a lot of science behind the amazing experience of the Barestep Actives, but at the end of the day it’s all about the way our customers feel. Long story short, they feel incredible.


Ultra Grippy

Super Breathable

Reduced Pain

Water Resistant

Feather Light

Move Naturally

Everyone is blown away. Why not join them?

From the moment our customers open the beautiful Bare Steppers box, they’re blown away. From the presentation to the styling to the comfort to the performance, expectations are continuously exceeded.

98% of customers expectations were exceeded with their Bare Steppers
84% of customers say the Bare Steppers is their most comfortable shoe
78% of customers have recommended Bare Steppers to their friends and family

Enabling pure Freedom

Our barefoot shoes promote natural foot movement and function, allowing your feet to be free and healthy. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of barefoot shoes and how they can improve your overall well-being.

Wide toe box

Give your toes the much-needed freedom. Thanks to the wide toe box of our barefoot shoes, they can unfold in their natural position - for real comfort

Thin sole

Reconnect with your environment and surroundings. With the ultra-thin sole, you feel the ground like never before - give your feet the true barefoot feeling.

Zero Drop

The flat sole of our minimalist shoes provides the foundation for an upright posture and can help you avoid and alleviate knee, hip, and back pain in the long term.

Build a fantastic today and better tomorrow

Experience natural movement, strengthen the muscles in your lower body and increase your sensory feedback with the Bare Steppers. Our shoes have been built to make you feel better today, and become stronger tomorrow.

The modern shoe is taking us a step backwards

We need shoes because we need protection, comfort and support. But there’s a problem: the modern shoe creates a lack of natural movement, an over-reliance on cushioning while fundamentally changing the way we walk.

Everything the modern shoe took away

Our approach is simple: create a shoe that gives us all of the benefits of walking barefoot in a package that is designed for us to comfortably navigate the modern world.

Shoes you can finally thrive in

We’re used to our footwear holding us back. Shoes are usually good for one thing but make other things impossible. Not the Bare Steppers. Now you can go straight from relaxing at home to the gym to the beach with one versatile shoe.