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4.92/5 (294 Reviews)

See why customers are in love with their Bare Steppers

Robert Doe

"I received my barestep shoes today. What a pleasure wearing them. Great and comfortable. Flying out to the Far East on Friday. Will be traveling with my baresteps on. My sandals will now stay in the cupboard."

Mathew Joseph

Can't comment on the shoe long term yet, but their service was absolutely amazing! Emails were answered quickly and I received my order within less than 24 hours after ordering. They are SUPER comfortable and I can't wait to wear them

Albert Manjo

I love the shoe. Very light and soft. Very comfy. Only downside are elastic shoestrings - can't really tighten the shoe. I would prefer normal shoelaces.

Mariya Sino

Everything was perfect. The service, the communication and the speed of delivery. As stated in their information, rather go half a size smaller than bigger. The shoes are roomy. Very satisfied with these shoes. They are light and very comfortable.